Wi-Fi [Wireless Fidelity] is coming to our area and at this time, is already here in some areas. Wi-Fi is a high speed connection to the Internet and is an important consideration for computer users who use the Internet and do not wish to tied to a contract. The service is provided by Gigonet which is a Florence based company. There is a new technology on the horizon which surpasses Wi-Fi, the technology is known as "WiMAX" There's quite a lot of info at and - I am told by Gigonet that their chassis that they're placing for Wi-Fi connections, is WiMAX ready.

Contact: to learn where wireless connections are now and where they will soon become available or to express your interest in having it available to you where you are located.

Gigonet began installing Wi-Fi in Florence Gardens April 27th in location #1 which is located at the North end. After that, location #2 will be set up, which is close to the South end of Florence Gardens.

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There are now Wi-Fi Hot-Spots in this Four Parks Community