GiGoNET, a local company, it is based here in Florence. The service includes not only high speed Wi-Fi but also a dial-up account along with one email account (an emergency connection) as part of the package which can be used to access the Internet if your Wi-Fi should malfunction for any reason. All this is very reasonably priced at only $25 per month. The service can also be adjusted to use for as little as a week for regular customers. New users are allowed free access for a limited time (about a month). There's no contract, it doesn't tie up phone lines, it can be left on all the time and it's fast. Speaking of "FAST", the SPEED to download something on the Internet is up to 1,500 Kbps and to upload, it's up to 705 Kbps. Maximum surfing speed is 1-2 Mbps. There is protection for the user via an encrypted signal after lock-in. Lock-in comes when all the users in the specific area are signed up to regularly use the service whether 1 week or 52 weeks per year.

It's the signal strength and signal quality that matters. Having an 11Mbit connection doesn't mean a thing if your signal strength is less then 57% a 5.5Mbit connection means it's junk. If someone says they were hooking up a 5.5Mbit... they will have a very bad signal.

GiGoNET is now offering people who want to pay for a year of service at $250, two free months which makes the monthly charge about $20.
Practically totally out of sight, is this WiFi antenna mounted on a TV antenna. Possible interference? Not a chance! TV is Mhz, WiFi is Ghz. When it becomes necessary to mount the antenna on the roof, GiGoNET has developed a unique method whereas the roof is not penetrated.
The WiFi antenna in this view, is hidden. The metal post for the TV antenna is blocking the WiFi signal to the back of this property (where there is no need for it).

There is a new technology on the horizon which surpasses Wi-Fi, the technology is known as "WiMAX" There's quite a lot of info at and - I am told by GiGoNET that their chassis that they're placing for Wi-Fi connections, is WiMAX ready.

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