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Wi-Max is seen by GiGoNET as a successor to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi provides fast wireless Internet connections in homes and businesses but has a limited range of a few dozen yards.

WiMax is a high speed, non-line of sight, wide range wireless networking technology that is positioned as a DSL replacement.
GiGoNET aims for WiMax to completely replace all Wi-Fi installations in/around Florence, in the next three years.
Wi-Max has a much longer range, varying from a couple of miles in an urban area to 10 miles or more in open country. It will be capable of delivering speeds from 1-20 megabits per second.

We are watching this technology extremely close. Our equipment is WiMAX ready.

Intel is currently developing a wireless chip for laptops that will enable users to connect to the short range Wi-Fi network or a longer range WiMax network, depending on which is available. The product is code named Ofer. The new wireless chip that will support the WiMAX(802.11n) standard expected to be ratified early next year.

* Intel to have Wi-Max cards this year
* 7 March 2006* *Reuters News
* (c) 2006 Reuters Limited

SAN FRANCISCO, March 7 (Reuters) - Intel Corp. said on Tuesday it has moved up to this year its expected roll-out of cards that will let computers access the Internet using Wi-Max, a new long-range, high-speed wireless technology.

Intel, which had previously said it expected to have Wi-Max products in 2007, now plans to have Wi-Max cards for laptops in the second half of this year.

Intel is also working on a chip that integrates Wi-Max and Wi-Fi and it is expected to to hit the consumer market in the first half of 2007.

Intel has demonstrated a single-chip Wi-Fi/WiMax radio that can connect to either network, as well as a WiMax PC card that could allow current-generation notebooks to hook up to WiMax networks. The WiMax PC card was running the mobile version of WiMax, which was recently approved by the IEEE.

Cards allowing access to Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) are now expected to be available this year. Intel had intended to have Wimax cards for sale in 2007,
but will now have them for laptops in the second half of 2006..

* Intel WiMax card coming this year;
* Wi-Fi and Wimax chipsets set to merge.
* Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service
* 08 March 2006

Intel has said it will deliver its first WiMax PC Card in the second half of this year.

Spring IDF 2006: WiMax goes mobile
*Intel demonstrated its first WiMax products at IDF. The wireless technology offers increased speeds and ranges over Wi-Fi and will be used for last-mile broadband and metropolitan networks.
Intel demonstrated speeds of 2Mbit/sec, with a range that covered most of **San Francisco**, demonstrating the technology with a PC attached to a scooter receiving live traffic updates, directions and even streaming video from a webcam.