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Welcome to the Florence Gardens Home Owners' Association's monthly newsletter.

  Home Owner Association annual fee $252 (equal to $21/mo)
  1,339 Manufactured Home lots, for ground-set installation only.
  All lots are privately owned
  All underground utilities available to each lot including:
         Water and sewer connections, services and provided by City of Florence
         Electric, RV pedestal, service provided by San Carlos Project
         Cable TV connection, service provided by Qwest Communications
         Wireless Internet, service provided by GiGoNET of Florence

  Park is run by a Board of Directors
  Florence Gardens community activities include:
         Clubhouse with planned activities
         Special meals
         Coffee and pastries, specific days
         Special Dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas
         Special entertainment events - varies from season to season
         Wood Carving (click here to view photos)

         Model Railroading (click here to see movie) - Windows Media Player & a high speed
               connection to the Internet are needed. To return, just close the window. Get Windows 
               Media Player free, here.
          NEW - Model Airplanes (there's a model airport coming to Florence, across from
             Yolanda's     that will be available to club members, in the near future).

  Library (extensive reading)
  Nine hole golf course (pay only if you play).
  Computer Club - membership and training offered
  Computer Club Web page access:
  Other benefits:
         Southwest Ambulance Service
         Emergency Medical Air Evacuation available (Landing Pad in Caliente)
         Fire and police protection from the City of Florence
         Garbage collection provided by the City of Florence
         Propane Gas Service by Aero Gas of Casa Grande
         A medical doctor's office is located on the premises (Near the entrance of Caliente)